My buddy, Twinkie the Kid

Born and raised in the dying steel mill town of Youngstown, Ohio, Greg Shirilla was encouraged at a very young age to "get the fuck out." This advice was heeded, but not before the surrounding environment of rust, decay, depression, and alcoholism could sink it's teeth into his psyche and form an aesthetic that would work it's way into his art to this day.

It was the city's "anti-culture" that would help shape Greg's interest in art. A steady diet of comic books, heavy metal album covers, muscle cars, and crudely scrawled grafitti were the initial visual stimuli that would cause the boy to start drawing himself. This would later be pushed further with the addition of skateboard graphics, lowbrow comics, hardcore album covers, and probably most importantly, the new wave of comic artists who arrived on the scene in the late 80's and early 90's –– people like Bill Sienkiewicz, Kent Williams, Dave McKean, etc.

A 5 year stint in art school added an appreciation for museum level artwork –– something that was sorely missing from Shirilla's background. However, this never distinguished his love of his prior influences. On the contrary, it only strengthened them. Helped him understand why something like an Iron Maiden cover can carry so much visual power. Why an illegally spray painted phrase on a wall for all of the public to read can have so much impact.

Shirilla has since been working to find the connections between the "lowbrow" and the "highbrow" worlds. Trying to blur the wall that separates the two. Not tear it down, just blur it. Without the resistance and rebellion of both worlds, everything will obviously get a little stale and boring.

NAME: Gregory Shirilla.
DATE OF BIRTH: January 8, 1974.
BIRTHPLACE: Youngstown, Ohio.
CURRENT LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois.
BIRTH SIGN: Capricorn.
EDUCATION: BFA, Columbus College of Art and Design 1997.
LAST SOLO SHOW: "Spaces" November 2013, Hex Gallery, Chicago.

"F-Art Show" Vanderelli Room, Columbus, OH
"The Dog Show" ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
"50 Artists" Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL
"Mythical Beasts Wars" Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL
"You Are Beautiful Sticker Show" Gallery F, Chicago, IL
"Masks" Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL
"Love/Hate" Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL
"Modern Folk" GAG, Chicago, IL
"Wizard Show" Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL
"You Are Beautiful" Gallery F, Chicago, IL
"Flashback" (3 man show), Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL
"2nd Annual Small Piece Show" Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL
"Small Pieces Show" Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL
"Jack Nicholson" R&R Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Spaces" (solo show) Hex Gallery, Chicago, IL
"Grand Opening Group Show", Sideshow Gallery, Chicago, IL
"Hozac Blackout Art Show", Empty Bottle, Chicago, Illinois
"Transition", G-Man, Chicago, Illinois
"Hocus Pocus", Flatiron Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
"Animalis Propensio" (solo show), Elastic Arts, Chicago, Illinois
"Meet Me In The Alleyway", Three Aces, Chicago, Illinois
"Smile From The Streets You Hold" (2 person show), darkroom, Chicago, Illinois
"Little Critters" (solo show), Salon Tress, Chicago, Illinois
"Willy And Snoop", R&R Gallery, Los Angeles, California
"The City And The Sirens" (solo show), darkroom, Chicago, Illinois
"Cheese", R&R Gallery, Los Angeles, California
"Curiosités de Voodoo", Flatiron Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
"The Eyes Are The Windows To The Skull" (solo show), Revolution Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
"Heavy Metal Harvest", Revolution Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
"The Last Unicorn Art Show", Tattoo Factory Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
"3 Dudes' Art Stuff", Willow Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
"Mutation", Black Maria Gallery, Los Angeles, California
"Boris Custom Show", Meltdown Gallery, Los Angeles, California
"The Path To Excess", Alterd Space Gallery, Los Angeles, California
"Melvins Tribute Show", Flat Iron, Chicago, Ilinois
"Spring", Fluevog Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
"How Low Can You Go?", Limbo, San Diego, California
“Journey To The Center...” (solo show), Fluevog Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
“Rendered In Black”, Evolution Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
“Can I Bum A Smoke?” (solo show), GARDENfresh, Chicago, Illinois
“Teddy Troops Invasion!”, Rotofugi, Chicago, Illinois
“Members Only”, GARDENfresh, Chicago, Illinois
“Die Käse Hause”, Foundation Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
“Save Superman”, Gallery 58, Jersey City, New Jersey
“Version>05”, Zhou B. Center, Chicago, Illinois
“Funny Club Show”, Rotofugi, Chicago, Illinois
“Looky Here” (solo show), Jinx, Chicago, Illinois
"Lusus Naturae", darkroom, Chicago, Illinois
"Tour of Doodie (stop 1)", Buddy Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
"Die Käse Hause and Friends", Mahan Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
"Double Exposure" (w/ Michael Coleman), darkroom, Chicago, Illinois
“Stray Show”, Garden Fresh, Chicago, Illinois
"Jesus Saves", Buddy Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
"Happiness", Bucket Rider Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
“6x4 Art”, Art Boat, Garden Fresh, Chicago, Illinois
"Die Käse Hause", Spark Gallery, Syracuse, New York
"Next", Acock Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
"Objects" (solo show), Acme Art Co., Columbus, Ohio
"Our Art is Better Than Yours", Vergette Gallery, Carbondale, Illinois
"Land-Escapes", Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
"Photography '98", Stage Gallery, Merrick, New York
"Chaperone", DiLeia Contemporary, Cincinatti, Ohio
"Computer Art/New Media '97", Stage Gallery, Merrick, New York
"Revisioning the Human Form", Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
"Thesis Exhibit" (solo show), CCAD, Columbus, Ohio
"Hate Krimes", DooWac Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
"Die Käse Hause and Others", The Cheesehouse, Columbus, Ohio

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